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  • Woman holding a cork spider

    DIY Halloween Decorations: Cork Crafts Spider

    Spooky season is upon us and it is one of my favorite times of the year. I put up tons of decor, watch lots of scary movies, and have a big costume party to celebrate my birthday. For holidays, I even create my own cork crafts. Just in time for October, I created a DIY…

  • Bottles of Côtes du Rhône Villages wine lined up

    Côtes du Rhône Villages Master Class

    Have you tasted Côtes du Rhône wine lately? This past week, I attended an Inter Rhône master class about Côtes du Rhône Villages hosted by Vinya’s Allegra Eveangelo at Amara at Paraiso. The Rhône Valley was created during the last ice age as the Rhône Glacier carved its way south through France. Today, the Rhône…

  • Blush by Jamie Brenner and Anthony Road Wine Co.

    “Blush” by Jamie Brenner and Anthony Road Wine

    Blush by Jamie Brenner is the perfect combination of books and wine. This is the story of three generations of women who come together to save a winery on the brink of collapse. Their book club, which consists of “trashy” novels from the 80s, inspires them to make real and fundamental change when it comes to…

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