I’m not a sommelier—an arts marketer, actually—but I do enjoy a glass of wine.

My diary started out as a way to remember which wines I had already sampled, but has evolved into something more—a delicious pastime that not only enriches my own wine knowledge with every new glass, but gives other amateurs a relatable perspective on wine tasting.

You don’t have to be a pro to appreciate all of the different grape varieties, appellations, and classifications. Wine should be approachable and inclusive. Just join me on my journey—from crisp Sauvignon Blancs in New Zealand to bold Cabernet Sauvignons in California—one glass at a time.

Sample and Review Policy

I will happily try your wine samples or wine related products. Please contact me for shipping information.

  • Although I will try your samples, please note, that I cannot guarantee that all wines submitted will be reviewed on my blog or Instagram page.
  • My agreeing to accept a sample is not a guarantee of a review or post.
  • There is no fixed tasting schedule, unless discussed in advance. I plan posts months in advance and will fit in samples that I like where appropriate.
  • Your sample may be mentioned in a new blog post, updated blog post, and/or social media post if I like it.
  • I also accept invitations to review vineyards, wine tastings, trade events, restaurants (where I can sip on wine), and wine related products.
  • If you want to ensure a post, I am happy to participate in sponsored Instagram posts with products I feel will benefit my followers. Please contact me for rates.


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