A Diary? Wine Not!?

Before you dive into the (electronic) pages of my wine diary, let me figuratively wine and dine you with a quick introduction.

My name is Alexa – no, I’m not named after the useful Amazon device (though I do have one) – and I’m a twenty-something year old communications/marketing professional living in sunny South Florida (the 305 to be exact).


I started appreciating wine in my latter years of college, grabbing the typical gateway bottles like Yellow Tail and Barefoot (UGH). Luckily, my palette developed over time and I started to become more selective.

I began #AlexaWineDiary on my Instagram as a resource for myself. Whenever I was in the wine aisle of my local liquor store or Publix, I couldn’t remember which wines I had already tasted and was so disappointed when I grabbed a bottle that I previously hadn’t liked.


Almost 150 wine entries later, friends and family look forward to my recommendations and take my amateur advice. That’s my main motivation in starting this “official” wine diary – giving the average person a relatable wine experience sans the snobby sommelier rhetoric.

I’m just like you, a “thirsty” individual excited to try new wines and learn more with each sip.

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