Where Wine Meets the Moon

I’m usually a sauvignon blanc drinker, but pinot grigio is my next choice. I grabbed this 2016 Luna Nuda (πŸ‘πŸŒ›πŸ†) pinot grigio from Publix. It’s from Italy’s Alto Adige Valley where the best pinot grigio grapes are sourced. It comes from a fourth generation family estate (Giovanett family). The name is derived from the mystery and influence of the 🌚 on growing, harvesting and wine making.

It’s pale yellow in color and has a soft aroma. It has notes of citrus, apple and minerals on the palate and is crisp and refreshing. I enjoyed it outdoors as my hubby grilled up some sausage and zuchinni.

I definitely recommend it to any dry wine drinker. It was under $14, so that definitely warrants it being a house pinot fo sho. 4/5.

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