Rooftops & Rosé

When I go out with my colleagues, happy hour always turns into late nights. Don’t ask me why – it’s kind of like a gravitational pull or black hole that sucks us into the bar forever (usually at The Corner) – but it’s always an amazing and memorable time. This last time, we went to the rooftop bar at The Langford Hotel, Pawnbroker. The happy hour isn’t too shabby and it has an amazing view of downtown Miami.


I tried the happy hour rosé, which was a 2015 Billette Cotes de Provence Rosé. It was $6 a glass, but I found it online for less than $20 a bottle. It was light salmon in color and tasted of fruit – like berries and peach – and was medium-bodied with a lingering sweetness. Acidic and fresh. I paired it with a variety of appetizers – including guacamole and hummus – and a bunch of laughs. 3/5.


Because one rosé wasn’t enough, my friend Maritza and I “balled out” with a bottle of sparkling rosé – François Montand Brut Rosé. François Montand was a descendant of a long line of winemakers and grew up on his family’s vineyard in Champagne. Fascinated from an early age by wine, he became one of the most influential wine merchants in the region. The wines are still produced with strict adherence to this traditional method, with a rigorous selection of the best grapes to offer fresh and fruity quality sparkling wine for the pleasure of most.


This sparkling was salmon pink in color and had a berry forward taste (a little much for me). It’s crisp and dry, with a lot of bubbles on the palate. It finishes with a clean and pleasant sharpness. I enjoyed it with some more laughing and memories. I don’t remember the price of the bottle (probably too much), but online it was under $15. 3/5.

By the end of it, we all spent way too much money, but had too fun of a time to complain about it.


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  1. This makes me want to go to a happy hour right now

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