Throwback to Toscana

With all the Instagram posts about harvest season, I’m getting nostalgic about my trip to Tuscany, Italy. In September 2011, my girlfriend’s and I visited as part of a European cruise and we were lucky enough to visit Fattoria Maionchi vineyard, a “wine-derful” gem.


Located just outside of Lucca, the estate is comprised of a vineyard, a restaurant, lush gardens, and three groups of apartments, which have all been part of the 16th century farm attached to the villa.


The apartments are available for rent for those who would like to immerse themselves in the town and culture. The property has breath-taking views of the countryside and vineyard was a special treat for me – someone who had never been to one before.


We were greeted by a fat cat, who looked like he had too much wine to drink. The owner showed us around the property, explaining every detail of the history of the villa, winery, and surrounding area. The tour continued in the 100-year-old cellar and ended in the wine tasting room.


I don’t exactly remember what we drank (I know I went home with Grappa), but the vineyard produces Rosso delle Colline Lucchesi, Colline Lucchesi bianco, Rubino di Selvata, Collegrosso, and Cintello. In addition to the grapes, the family also produces their own high-quality olive oil.


I highly recommend visiting this vineyard next time you’re in Tuscany. I still daydream about it and hope to return soon.

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