My Secret Identity in a Glass

Working in downtown Miami, The Corner has become a happy hour staple for me and my co-workers. The menu showcases a selection of beer ($3 a can), well drink specials, and a variety of snacks (the grilled cheese is 🔥).

The one thing happy hour was lacking was a wine special. I always had to be the “extra” girl at the table, ordering a bottle of wine, while my friends guzzled canned beer, because it would just be cheaper for me. Luckily, The Corner now boasts 2015 Iconic Secret Identity RosĂ© on its happy menu for $5 a glass (I can get behind that).

The label is pretty cool, featuring a super hero looking woman, Clark Kent style. The name, Secret Identity, comes from the winemaker’s desire to make the best dry rosĂ© for the value while not being trapped by tradition. Rather than showcasing a single region or grape, the focus is on ideal balance of fruit and freshness. The blend of grapes isn’t the focus and changes from year to year. This California rosĂ© is sourced from several vineyards within the north coast of the state.

It’s pale salmon in color and barely has any fragrance on the nose. It’s light, fresh, and crisp on the palate with notes of lemon, berries, peach, and minerals. It’s a dry rosĂ©, which I always prefer, and I can easily drink it on a hot Miami day. I found it online for $16. I paired it with The corner’s Mediterranean plate and laughter. 3/5. Cheers!

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