Hay Maker, Nay Maker

Since I love New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, I’m always open to trying new types. I picked up this Hay Maker wine at a gas station by my house that boasts hundreds (yes, hundreds) of different wines and beers. It’s quite a claim, considering that the interior is the size of my living room, but I digress…
Their motto is: They say “Make hay while the sun shines”… we say every moment is a Hay Maker moment.
I don’t really get what that means…but I still gave therm the benefit of the doubt.

The color is pale straw in color and it smells of pear and stone fruit. The taste was uncharacteristic of the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs that I’m used to. It was more ripe and kind of tasted like Chardonnay (which I hate). I’m not sure if it normally tastes like that or if it’s because it was a 2013 bottle, which I didn’t notice (you should drink Sauvignon Blanc within 18 months to two years at the latest). Either way, I did not like it. I paired it with chicken tikka masala. I bought it for $16, but I saw it online for less. I will not buy it again. 2.5/5.

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