France in a Glass

I always love connecting with fellow wine lovers on Instagram. Recently, I connected with the fabulous Celia de Palma, @thepalmaofficial. She is also a fellow art lover, so when she was in town she paid me a visit at my job, PAMM – Miami’s world-class modern and contemporary art museum.

She knew I loved wine, so she gave me a bottle of 2014 Domaine Faiveley Gevrey-Chambertin since she has family ties in the wine industry. I was so thankful to receive the bottle, especially since I don’t know much about French wine. It’s an area I would love to dive into deeper. It is a blend from most parts of the village, with fruit from 14 different parcels.

Founded in 1825, Bourgognes Faiveley has been handed down from father to son for over 175 years. As the sixth generation to take the reins, François Faiveley manages the largest family domaine in Burgundy.
I was so excited to drink it, that we opened it during a weekend getaway to West Palm Beach.

Upon pouring, I saw that it was deep, ruby red in color, but you can still see through the glass in the light. It has short legs, but it glides slowly down the glass. The aroma is fruity with woody notes. It’s lighter than most red wines I’m used to, kind of like a pinot noir, and it’s actually on the refreshing side and has a great balance of tannins and berries. I really enjoyed it and was upset to see that Wine Enthusiast said it was best to drink from 2018 on. I can only imagine how the flavors would have continued to develop. Boo me!

I found it online from $50-100, but the consensus was around $70. I really enjoyed it with the meal, grilled steak and vegetables. 4/5.

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