Riding a Dark Horse at PAMM

I am so thankful to be employed at a fun and exciting workplace at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). It’s Miami’s flagship art museum, showcasing international modern and contemporary art. Not only does the museum host a variety of education programs, but it has a fun party with Poplife every third Thursday.

The good thing at PAMM is that we work hard but play hard, so I stuck around one third Thursday evening to enjoy the party.

That evening, I stopped by the happy hour bar and tried a glass of 2016 Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc. It’s from California, and I’m normally a New Zealand Sauv drinker, so I was curious. It was pale yellow in color and had a delicate aroma. On the palate, it was really acidic and citrusy with hints of apple and minerals. A little too much citrus for my taste, but not so bad. I saw it online for about $10 a bottle, so it’s a good value. I paired it with an evening of music, dancing, and fun. I was tempted to give it a 2.8, but ultimately settled for a 3/5.

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