Ghost Pines & Wine

With Halloween just a day away, I thought I’d try something on the dark side. The haunting label attracted me to the bottle, but this 2014 Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon delivers on spookiness.

The wine is named after the Ghost Pines Vineyard in eastern Napa County, where the indigenous grey pines loom mysteriously along the hillsides. Native to California, the Ghost Pine can adapt to a variety of climates and thrives in various soils, much like grapevines. Without the restriction of traditional winegrowing boundaries, they source grapes for Ghost Pines wines solely for quality and flavor from wherever they find the best fruit. Though sourcing changes from year to year, this philosophy delivers wines of consistent quality with a distinct combination of richness, smoothness and balance.

The wine is dark, ruby red in color and has a berry aroma. It’s rich in dark fruit flavor, with vanilla and spice, and has a great balance of acidity and tannins. I bought it at Publix for about $20 and paired it with a skeleton friend. 4/5.

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