All Gold Everything

Some days, you just feel like being “extra”. For those times, there’s Faubourg 21 Prestige Brut. The bottle is an absolute showstopper with its metallic gold appearance. It’s absolutely fabulous and begging to be noticed.

It is made in Genève, Switzerland by Domaine du Faubourg winery. It’s one of the top 10 wineries in the region. The winemakers are Christophe and Jean-Claude Egger, who are passionate about their craft and the cultural method of the Genevenese vineyard. I wish I could find more information, but the website was pretty limited.

The wine is straw yellow in color and has slight floral and fruit aromas. I also noted some apple too. It has great bubbles (yass) and tastes fresh, slight fruit notes, with balanced acidity. It’s on the medium side of the spectrum and isn’t too dry or sweet. I bought it at ABC Liquors for $17. Not too shabby.

I paired it with a weekend of poolside fun, complete with my own fabulous accoutrements. 3.5/5.

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