Châteaus & Rosé

The last time I was in St. Petersburg, FL, I stopped at Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe with family. We took home a bottle of 2016 Château De La Négly La Natice Rosé.

Château de la Negly is in France and is ideally situated because the terroirs of La Négly and Boède, which are distinguished by the diversity of their soils. Boède has sandy loam and sandstone soil and La Négly has clay limestone soil, which gives the wines produced from these vineyards a broad aromatic palate.

At the winery, the wine went through the rose de saignee method, which allows the juice limited contact with the skins. It was vinified on its fine lees for six months in temperature-controlled vats.

The wine is light, copper pink in color and has a floral aroma. It has some complexity for a rosé and tastes of strawberry, citrus, and guava. It has great acidity. I bought it for $19, but saw out online for $13. I enjoyed it with family and reruns of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 3.5/5.

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