Rosé in Key Biscayne

Living in Miami, you’d be surprised at how few beachfront restaurants there are. Unless you’re staying at a hotel on Miami Beach, and even then you’re probably dining with the view of Canadian tourists in a pool, you won’t be able to put your toes in the sand while eating. Luckily, the other day, I discovered Dune Burgers on the Beach at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne.

ritz-carlton-dune-lo.pngCourtesy The Ritz-Carlton

The restaurant is tucked away by the sand dunes and gets a great view of the tranquil beach. The vibe, I would say, is St. Tropez or the Hamptons meets Miami. Lounges and cabanas spread around the area for a laidback, but chic, lazy Sunday Funday atmosphere. I enjoyed the setting with a few close friends and some bottles of Rosé.


The first wine we tried was Château Barbeiranne 2015 Tradition Rosé in a 1.5L bottle (after the manager tried convincing us into getting a 3L bottle – we probably should have though). It’s from Côtes de Provence, France and is produced from 40-year-old vines. The wine is pink in color with some copper undertones. I got a faint aroma of citrus and peach. It tasted well-balanced with great acidity, fruitiness, and crispness. It’s very easy drinking, but still has some body to it – perfect for lounging by the beach or pool. Online, it costs about $15 for a 750ml bottle. 4/5.

Château Barbeiranne-2-lo.jpg

The second bottle was Villa Riviera Premium French Splendid Rosé, which we also enjoyed in a 1.5L bottle (hey, we were a thirsty party of seven). The waitress shared with us that the owner of the vineyard had recently visited the restaurant and was a delight. Originating from the oldest vineyards in France, the Rosé wines of Villa Riviera (Splendid, Reserve, and Grand Reserve) originally had never been exported, as they were reserved for the French Market and the locals. The vineyard is located along the coast of the French Riviera, precisely between Cannes and Saint-Tropez (fancy, huh?). The wine is made in small batches and only made with hand-selected organic grapes. It’s called “Splendid” because the harvesters would use that adjective to describe the wine. It is light pink in color with some coral hues. It’s on the dry side, but still has some fruitiness, and is crisp and fresh, with a nice complexity and minerality to it. It seems to be difficult to find online, I know that it’s only sold at a few places in Miami, but I saw the Reserve magnum online for $50. 4/5.


We paired the Rosés with a variety of treats including ham and cheese croquetas, hummus, and the signature burger, which consists of a blend of beef short rib, brisket, and chuck. Absolutely delicious!



I had a blast with friends as the sun set over the key. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a piece of paradise with a glass of wine. Cheers!


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