Put a Bird on it!

There are certain inside jokes that you can’t help but laugh at even if no one else in the room gets it. One of my favorite inside jokes comes from a Portlandia skit where stars Carrie and Fred go into a boutique and make items trendy when they “put a bird on it,” so whenever I see a bird on something, I quietly laugh inside. Because of that, I must admit, I chuckled when I saw a bird on The Inquisitor’s wine bottle.

I investigated further into the story behind the label and a Songbird is featured because they are ordinary birds capable of extraordinary things, like the wine’s founders. They migrate in search of the best resources traveling across continents and oceans. They never settle but instead are always seeking, adapting and learning. The songbird represents the core of the company goals; a creature of constant inquiry, discovery, change, and joy.


The Inquisitor Wine Company is a culmination of a deep friendship between founders Laura Fletcher and Christie McLeod. The Inquisitor is founded on principles of honesty, loyalty, and passion, along with a love of exciting and fantastic wines. The wines’ grapes are handpicked and sourced from sustainable, family-run South African vineyards, each harvested, pressed, blended, nurtured, and bottled.

I tried their Cellar Reserve 2013, which is made of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Cabernet Franc. It is selected from small oak barrels and matures in oak for 24 months. Only 2400 bottles of this limited release were produced, so I’m glad I could try it.


Upon opening the bottle, you get a strong earthy aroma. The wine is dark ruby in color and the legs slide at a decent pace down the glass. It’s full-bodied and complex, with the right amount of acidity and tannins. I got notes of earthiness and spice, with dark fruit on the back burner. It briefly lingers on the palate. I enjoyed it with my favorite afternoon snack a—charcuterie plate 😉 I found it online for about $20. I think it’s a great value for the price. I would definitely drink this again. 3.5/5. Put a bird on it!

EDIT: I actually had another glass tonight for dinner with some lamb and the flavors were just as great and complex. Switching it to a 4/5, since I thoroughly enjoyed it and further explored the flavor profile with this additional pairing.


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