Adulting with Rosé

Adulting means bills, laundry, and grocery shopping. I cringe at most of those things, but going to Costco is actually a treat for me. From the cheese aisle to the wine section, it’s one of my happy places (that is, as long as my fellow shoppers don’t mess with me!). The last time I was at that magical place, I saw a Rosé I hadn’t seen before—Mathilde Chapoutier Sélection 2016 Grand Ferrage Rosé—so I decided to try it.


It is made in Côtes de Provence, France. The words humility and will are said to best describe Maison M. Chapoutier, while their coat of arms, “Fac et spera” (Do and hope), became the family motto. They have been cultivating wines since 1808 and this is the third release of the rosé produced by Mathilde Chapoutier, whose father, Michel, runs the famed Hermitage-based M. Chapoutier.


The grape variety for this Rosé is Grenache noir, Cinsault, Syrah, and Rolle. The vines grow in clay-limestone soil and are harvested at night, by machine, to keep the grapes as fresh as possible.


The wine is pale pink in color with a hint of orange, reminiscent of rose petals. It has a fresh aroma of citrus, apple, and peach. It’s really crisp and refreshing, and is full in flavor—not like one of those watery Rosés. It has a nice balance of citrus and peach flavors, with a pleasant amount of acidity and tartness. It was about $15 at Costco. I enjoyed it outside in the garden, while reading a book about Rosé. 3/5.



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