Grillo & Oysters

When my lovely New Yorker girlfriends are in Miami, we love wining and dining around town. Last time, we stopped at Mignonette, a former 1930s gas station turned oyster bar/seafood restaurant, and had one delicious evening.

mignonetteCourtesy Mignonette

We chose a variety of plates to share including oysters—Rockefeller and raw, charred octopus, lobster deviled eggs, bronzino, and more. We had to pair all of the nomz with some wine, so we chose ZAGRA Grillo.

ZAGRA in Sicilian dialect is “La Zagara”, the white blossom of citrus plants found throughout Sicily. These blossoms are traditionally used in bridal bouquets in Sicily. These vineyards are located along the coast, where the soil has a sandy-clay structure and characteristic yellow color. The soil is relatively light, imbuing the wines with freshness and complex scents. Wine produced there is savory and mineral, achieving the fullest possible expression of the three elements yellow soil, proximity to the sea and well-ventilated slopes.

11215761_10153946686866416_8155819406493498115_n.jpgCourtesy Valle dell’Acate

The wine is deep yellow in color and has a light aroma of flowers, citrus, and peach. It’s fresh and dry with balanced acidity and notes of peach and minerals. It’s complex on the palate but is still light. You can find it online for under $20. I paired it with delicious seafood, good times, and lots of laughter. 4/5.


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