Sippin’ in Spain

Because of my 2018 goal of expanding my palate and trying more wines, I’ve recently spent a lot of time in Spain (not actually in Spain, but drinking Spanish wines). With Miami’s hot climate, I drink a lot of cool white wines, so I had to give this Do Ferreiro Albariño Rebisaca a try.

The Spanish winery, founded in 1973, is run by Gerardo Méndez. He owns 10 hectares, three of which are over 50 years old, and one of which is over 200 years old. The vineyards follow organic guidelines, avoiding the use of pesticides and non-organic fertilizers. With his winemaking, Méndez practices the use of indigenous yeasts, believing that through their usage the true qualities of his terruño can appear.


Rebisaca is an experimental wine made from a vineyard site called Rebisaca that is planted with Albariño, which is then blended with Treixadura and Loureiro from the sub-zone known as Condado, on the border with Portugal.

It is golden yellow in color and has a strong aroma of white fruit and minerals. It has a complex flavor, which pans out on the palate with notes of pear, minerals, citrus, and herbs. It has a pleasant aftertaste. You can find it online for an average of $24. I paired it with lemon roasted chicken (not photographed, because lighting sucked by the time it was cooked). 3.5/5. ¡Que rico!


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