Cheers to Luna Nuda!

I am always down for a celebration. Whether it’s toasting to surviving Monday or clinking glasses over an anniversary, I am always happy to pop some bubbly. So when I heard that my friends at Luna Nuda Wines were changing the label on their Prosecco (on May 1, to be exact), I had to break out a bottle in celebration.


Luna Nuda Wines are made in the Castelfeder Wine Estate, owned and operated by the Giovanett family, is a mid-sized fourth generation family winery estate located in the historic town of Cortina, which is steeped in ancient wine making traditions with a modern twist.

The wine’s name came from founder Alfons Giovanett fascination by the phases of the moon and the effects it has on winemaking. His conclusion was that wines taste best during a full moon, when positive affirmations are made. “Full moon time” or the coming of a new lunar cycle is a time for renewal and new beginnings – a time to rid yourself of any negative vibes. Alfons’ philosophy is to toast to each month’s new lunar cycle with some Lunda Nuda wine.

29744407_1715605371818776_4696634017986980968_o.jpgCourtesy Luna Nuda Wines

The Prosecco is made with 100% Glera grapes and is sourced from the Treviso area of Northeast Italy, which is considered the birthplace of Prosecco. The vineyards are on the Montello and Asolo Hills, at an altitude of 120-250 meters above sea level. The soil consists of medium textures of alluvial origin; the gravely subsoil allows excellent drainage of rainwater.


The Prosecco is pale straw yellow in color and has a fresh, floral aroma. The bubbles are tiny and persistent. Effervescent to the max! It’s fresh and crisp with notes of pear, peach, apple, honeysuckle. It has a hint of sweetness to it, more than I usually like, but it actually works and is balanced. You can find it online for under $15. I paired it with blackened mahi mahi, roasted chickpeas, and kale salad. It’s definitely a great value wine. Cheers, Lunda Nuda Wines! I look forward to toasting with the newly-labeled Prosecco!


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