Life isn’t all Diamonds and Rosé…but it Should Be

If anyone knows me, they know that there is one guilty pleasure that I cannot resist – Bravo’s reality TV shows, especially the Real Housewives. One of my favorite franchises is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because they are just so damn fabulous. Between Erika Jane’s gaggle of gays glam squad and Lisa Vanderpump’s swan, pony, and puppy-clad mansion, it’s such an indulgence that I can’t even. CAN’T EVEN.


For eight seasons, I’ve admired Lisa’s philanthropy, animal activism, and BOSS attitude, so I was over the moon happy to try Lisa Vanderpump’s Rosé. It’s kind of like having a piece of SUR/Villa Blanca/PUMP right in my own home, just without a side of petty, privileged Beverly Hills drama, even though I wouldn’t mind having those rich people problems (or is it mo’ money, mo’ problems?).


The Rosé is produced in Côtes de Provence, France, from the interior Valley of Provence and Sainte Victoire Terroir. The climate boasts plentiful sunshine with frequent dry, cool mistral winds from the north. The vineyard soils are primarily clay, limestone pebbles, and sand, and the hillsides are covered with wild lavender, rosemary, and thyme (must smell lovely – like Lisa).


The wine is a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah. It is a pale rose color with a hint of peach. It’s light on the nose with notes of berries and flowers. It tastes like strawberry, citrus, and peach. It’s dry, crisp, and refreshing. I can picture myself drinking this poolside with Lisa Rinna and her hot bod or at one of Kyle Richard’s annual white parties. Anywhere you drink, you can’t help but feeling a little fab. You can find it at Total Wine for $18.99.



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