Tómalo Suave

Relationships are all about compromise—what to cook for dinner, weekend plans, where to go on vacation, etc.—but one compromise I always dread is going to the ballpark. I’m always up for a football game, but when it comes to baseball, I know I’m going to be in for snoozefest. I just CANNOT get into it.


Luckily, the Miami Marlins have themed nights and the one I “compromised” for was Tómalo Suave—a wine pairing night. Located in the Legends Level, the night featured a selection of Riboli Family Wines with a variety of food pairings, for just $30 (including the game tickets).


Riboli Family Wines’ winery—San Antonio Winery—is nestled in the heart of Los Angeles. Inspired by four generations of family and patrons, the winery has become the foundation of Riboli Family Wine Estates, a global industry wine producer with production facilities across California and Italy.


The wine selection for the evening including samplings of: Opaque Darkness, San Simeon Pinot Noir, Stella Rosa Moscato d’Asti, San Simeon Sauvignon Blanc, and Stella Rosa Prosecco.


The wines were paired with five food stations spread around the area including: Orange Honey Lacquer Duck Breast, Coffee Rubbed Smoked Beef Picanha, Stratcatella Roasted Heirloom Beet Salad, and Peach Brulée Cheesecake with a Ginger Crust.


The wines were decent, the bites were yummy, and my boo got to enjoy his game (that’s a home run to me!). I didn’t take any notes because I was trying to be “present” in the moment, which I often, at times, forget. If you’re stuck going to a game, make sure it’s this one. The next Tómalo Suave is August 24, 2018. You can get tickets here. Cheers!



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