Manic Monday Usual

It’s a Manic Monday, so I’m coping with the “usual.” Usual wine’s Rosé, that is. It comes in an ultra-cute laboratory flask-like bottle, which holds 6.3 ounces, a perfectly (large) poured glass, in my opinion.

Their wines are made in small, sustainably farmed batches with no additives. I couldn’t find much info on the vineyards, but the website says they focus on specific appellations of California and make the wine with minimal intervention.


The Rosé is light salmon in color and is fresh on the nose, with some citrus notes. On the palate, there’s berry and apricot. It’s nice and dry. I paired it with a Dusk Rose 1957 Ford Thunderbird, courtesy of Miami Vintage Prop Cars. You could build your own case of Red or Rosé (or mixed) for $96 at Usual Wines.

Check out my notes on their Chardonnay.


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