2019 Better Be Chill

And just like that, another year has passed. 2018 was a mixed bag, but some highlights for me include purchasing my first home (#adulting), expanding my wine knowledge, and making great connections with all of you! I’m toasting to the opportunities to come in 2019 with some Ferrari Brut Trento DOC. This sparkling wine is so chill that it comes with its own insulated bucket box, where you could keep it chilled (how convenient!).

ferrari-vineyards-harvesting.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart.jpgCourtesy Ferrari Trento DOC

It all started over a century ago in 1902 with Giulio Ferrari. After studying in France, Ferrari returned to Trentino, Italy and planted Chardonnay, which was a novel idea at the time. Ferrari was convinced that through the combination of Trentino terroir, the innovative use of Chardonnay, and the use of the traditional “metodo classico,” he could make world-class sparkling wines. In 1952, Ferrari, chose Bruno Lunelli, a friend and local merchant, as the successor to his legacy. Today, the third generation of the Lunelli family is leading the winery into the future.

ferrari.pngCourtesy Ferrari Trento DOC

This “metodo classico” sparkling wine is produced within northern Italy’s Trento DOC. The Trento DOC is situated among the Dolomite Mountains, and the hillside vineyards, many of which sit more than 3,000 feet above sea level (all of the vineyards are at least at 650-foot elevation), are strewn across more than 70 local municipalities.

The wine is straw yellow in color with a hint of green. It’s fresh on the nose with notes of green apple, honey, and yeast. It’s clean, dry, and balanced. It’s a great alternative to Champagne. You can find it online (without the box) for under $25. Cheers to the new year!


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