On Wednesdays, we Drink Pink

On Wednesdays, we wear (and drink) pink, so I popped open a bottle of 2017 Barton & Guestier Rosé D’Anjou.

Founded in 1725 by Irishman Thomas Barton, Barton & Guestier is the oldest winehouse in Bordeaux. Barton & Guestier wines have been present in the U.S. market since 1785 and were drank by Thomas Jefferson himself. Today, the company provides wines from the main French wine growing regions and from Provence.

The Barton & Guestier winemakers work in partnership with about 200 winegrowers over the greatest French wine regions. Barton & Guestier is the only wine merchant to combine the most ancient experience in winemaking in Bordeaux and the latest technologies offered by its different partners.

18156428_1261538903900326_5951765920401785601_oCourtesy Barton & Guestier

All the wines are made of grapes grown in specific areas, with a strict control of grape varieties, yields and winemaking methods. Depending on the name, wines are aged in oak barrels or in stainless steel vats. Barton & Guestier winemakers monitor all the steps of the process, including pruning, harvesting, vinification, aging, blending, and bottling.

Situated in the Loire Valley between Tours and Nantes, the region of Anjou is well-known for its beautiful gardens, created for the French Queens during the Renaissance.


The wine was made form Grolleau (75%) and Gamay (25%). It was bright pink in color – like a yummy pink Jolly Rancher. The nose was full of red berries, a hint of citrus, and some minerality. I thought it would be more floral. It has a nice, juicy mouthfeel with bursting berry flavor – like ripe strawberries and raspberries. It wasn’t too sweet and was really yummy. Fit for a Mean Girl 😉


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  1. Tosja says:

    These wines sound amazing! I will look for them! Cheers my friend!

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