No Risk, No Reward

Life is all about calculated risks – measuring out the risk versus the reward of each and every choice we take. I calculated the risk of drinking this whole bottle of 2018 Calculated Risk Chardonnay ;p


I couldn’t find much information about the history or background of this wine, except that it’s made by Austin Reece Fine Wines in Napa Valley, but it’s definitely dedicated to someone out there:

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the ones who change the world. The painters who recolor it. The scientists who redefine it. The innovators who take ‘It can’t be done’ as their starting point. They make computers in garages, turn moldy bread into medicine, and take the bus seats that were denied to them. They smash barriers because they are convinced that something better exists on the other side. When the pluses outweigh the minuses, they take the calculated risk.”

The wine was pale gold and had a fragrant nose. There were notes of sweet pineapple, pear, yellow apples, vanilla, and citrus. I’m glad it wasn’t as oaky, since I usually don’t lean that way. It was an interesting Chard with a bit higher acidity and alcohol (medium-high, to be exact). I got it from WTSO for $16.99 instead of $50. I paired it with some TV on my couch, since I wasn’t up for any more risks after the bottle lol.


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