Treat Yourself with WTSO

That weekend shipment feeling. Who else gets excited when they see the mailman with a box that needs to be signed by an adult? I do, I do!

Lately, I’ve been really into Wines ‘Til Sold Out (WTSO)—an online site with limited deals and steals. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey, WTSO is a leading online wine store with over 25 million bottles sold. With an extensive wine network, they connect with thousands of wineries worldwide to bring you the best bottles at the best prices.


It started when Joe and Elliot, the founders, brought wine connections from their other ventures to WTSO. Now, their relationships are global and you can find wine from across the world at great prices. You never know which wines will be up on the site. They’re always changing, sometimes hourly, so it’s a surprise every time. I’ve bought a variety of wines from Napa Cabs, like Caymus, to French fare, like Taittinger—all at amazing prices.

Not only do they care about what you buy (100% customer focused), but each order is hand-packed at their partnering temperature-controlled fulfillment centers throughout the country, and quality control is always a priority. I love that they care about my wine as much as I do.

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to treat yourself (and your friends/family, I guess), to some fab wine. Especially with the Cyber Monday Magnum Marathon around the corner—which means more wine to share (or not). Cheers!


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