40 Ounce Gamay!?

These days, I just wanna have fun in any way I can—from experimenting in the kitchen to exercising my green thumb in the garden. It’s all about the little things that keep us going. Yesterday, I grabbed a festive outfit for a relatively “fun” workout and thought, “I have a wine that pairs well with this fun look.” And that’s where the Forty Ounce Red 2016, with its funky bottle and metallic label, came into play.

I started enjoying this wine at a Florida Wine Academy webinar and had that big ‘ole jug to spread out. This wine is the passion project of Patrick Cappiello, sommelier and proprietor of Rebelle in New York City and Walnut St. Cafe in Philadelphia, who partnered with French winemaker Julien Braud to create a line of Forty Ounce wines. He wanted to merge tradition and style with some fun flair, and I think he nailed it. Would a bottle this style intrigue or deter you from trying it?

This wine is made from sustainably grown and biodynamically-made Gamay grapes from Gaillac in south France. The website didn’t have a ton of information, but I found online that they source grapes from a seventh-generation independent grower. It was fermented with indigenous yeast in concrete vats and was lightly filtered.


Despite the fact that it’s not actually 40 ounces (33.82 ounces), it’s a pretty straightforward wine. It’s a bright ruby red, which immediately draws your eye. It smelled pretty and was just bursting with fruit. It was dry, very low in tannins, had notes of juicy strawberry and raspberry, and was a very easier sipper. A few days later, I started to get more earthiness on the nose. If you want a chill wine to drink by the pool or at a picnic, this one hits the spot. One day, I used it to make a sangria spritzer and another day I had it with dinner. And even after all of that, I still have some in my fridge—it’s the liter that keeps on giving.

Apparently, 4,800 cases were made, so if you want to try it out, head to 305 Wines. It’ll only set you back $17.99.



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