Wrapping + Wine

The holiday season is in full swing and I’m in full-blown gift-wrapping mode. Since childhood, my family would load up on all the gift-wrapping fixings the day after Christmas in preparation for the next year. From ornament name tags to ribbons and bows, my mom and aunt would pull out all the stops and I gladly continue the tradition.

With scissors in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, I started the wrapping marathon. For a marathon such as this, I need to stay hydrated. My drink of choice was Plowbuster 2019 Reserve Chardonnay by Carabella.

This wine is a classic Willamette Valley Chardonnay, emphasizing volcanic terroir and sustainable farming. Winemaker Mike Hallock’s background as a geologist helps him understand terroir, so he decided to settle in Oregon’s Volcanic Willamette Valley when he began a second career as a winemaker. There, rocky, volcanic soils impart elegance to wines, making for an exceptionally suitable environment for growing Burgundian varieties.

For this 2019 Plowbuster Reserve, Mike took a minimalist approach. The 2019 growing season returned to a bit more of a normal weather pattern leaving the vintage filled with promise and a more classic Oregon style. Each lot was racked to French oak barrels, the majority of which were neutral. Lees stirring and cool temperatures during primary fermentation contribute to a silky mouthfeel. All barrels completed malolactic fermentation. A blend of Dijon 76 and Dijon 95 clones with fresh fruit flavor and bright acidity.

The wine was pale yellow in color. On the nose, there was citrus, apple, minimal oak, and stone. Medium body, alcohol, and acidity. It tasted of tart citrus, stone fruit, and minerality with light delicious creaminess. I grabbed this bottle for $14.99 on WTSO. Definitely a delicious value.

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