Importance of Roe and Reproductive Rights with a Side of Wine

Given the overturning of Roe, it was imperative to speak out and provide accurate, reliable, and clear information on the latest Pouring Over Pages Podcast episode about reproductive rights and abortion rights. Dr. Willie Parker’s (@drwillieparker) “Life’s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice” is the perfect book to achieve this.

Wine bottle and book about reproductive rights, abortion rights, roe

Book Overview

In “Life’s Work” Dr. Parker tells a deeply personal and thought provoking narrative that illuminates the complex societal, political, religious, and personal realities of abortion in the United States. It comes from the unique perspective of someone who performs abortions and defends the right to do so every day. Dr. Parker champions the importance of Roe, reproductive rights, and abortion rights. What makes Dr. Parker’s story so moving and fascinating is that he is a Christian himself and believes that in order to be a true Christian, he must show compassion for all people and use his skills to help those in need.

Woman holding up book of "Life's Work" with an abortion rights shirt

Wine Pairing

You know that I’m all about female empowerment. With the book, I paired Tank Winery 2021 La Loba, Carbonic White Wine, El Dorado County. Picking a wine produced by people who are pro-choice was no easy feat. During the SCOTUS ruling on Roe, I paid extra attention to see which wineries posted about it—and that’s how Tank Winery came into the picture.  

With this Tank Cares label, they raise $1 from every bottle sold in support of Women’s Rights organizations: 

  • UN Women, a global organization fighting for gender equality, feminine empowerment, and ending violence against women.
  • Fos Feminista, which aims to build awareness of women’s health and reproductive rights. 
  • Center for Reproductive Rights, a global organization advocating for reproductive rights everywhere. 

About Tank Winery

When they opened Tank Garage Winery in 2014, they didn’t know if their vision was going to work out. At the time, Napa Valley didn’t seem ready for their edgy style–essentially an old garage pumping out eclectic wine blends and vintage vibes. Eventually, they found their audience and word of mouth spread. Tank was built for dreamers and those looking to defy conventions. A winery that celebrates misfits, bootleggers, and daredevils. Their goal is to make wines that add to the collective conversation. Wines with soul and purpose. By sourcing fruit from California’s most important vineyards, they’re able to create delicious and unique wines

About the Wine

This wine is called La Loba—the wolf woman, the collector of bones. As the story with the wine goes: with her voice, she sings new life into that which has been scattered, lost and discarded. The story of La Loba has its roots within the indigenous peoples of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States, though her story can be found across cultures. The wild feminine reminds us that there is great power in the song inside us, and though we may be bruised, burned or injured, our soul and spirit can never be destroyed.

The label is sourced from the artist Flora from Argentina. In her words, “Lobas Despertando was born at the height of feminism here in Argentina in 2018. As a force that I felt reflected in this form of human-animal. I drew it with microfibers, simple lines but with the force of a wolf pack that woke up. After a few years, this reversal arises in a digital way, thinking as a small tribute to my maternal grandmother, a victim of femicide.”

Two women wearing abortion rights and reproductive rights shirts

Technical Wine Notes

The grapes for this wine are sourced from the hills of El Dorado County in California. Mineral-rich deposits in the soils and a large diurnal swing helps create the interesting flavors and acidity in this wine.

This is a carbonic white, which is a bit unusual. That means that carbonic maceration works its magic by fermenting grapes from the inside out without oxygen or added yeast. This process is usually used for red grapes, but the skin contact on certain white grape varietals, combined with lower acidity levels, can bring out some real funky flavors in the wine. And we like funky here! 

La Loba features a blend of 45% Chenin Blanc, 44% Petit Manseng, 10% Bianchetta Trevigiana, and 1% Orange Muscat.  Notes: apricot, lemon curd and gentle florals on the nose. Whiffs of jasmine. White peach and creamy Meyer lemon. Vivacious acidity and minerality. With citrus notes as well as fruits including apricot and peach, the wine is vibrant and fresh with acidity and minerality. You can buy this off their website for $38.

Listen to the full episode below.

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