Wino’s Party Pack

With all the summer festivities, you are bound to get invited to a backyard barbeque, intimate dinner party, or a seaside shindig. Don’t be an empthanded party pooper – avoid that faux pas with this surefire way to wow your wino host without breaking the bank.

Grab a Thoughtful Card
With communication becoming so digital and instant (140 characters or less plz), handwriting is becoming a lost form of expression. Luckily there are still people, like me, who think there is something special about receiving a handwritten card and reading through the heartfelt message inside.


Full disclosure, I am kind of a card hoarder and stock up whenever I have a chance (you never know when you’ll need one!). My local go-to is Wynwood Letterpress, but when I can’t make it there I also enjoy the variety at HomeGoods or Marshalls.

When choosing a card, take the time and see which card speaks to your host’s personality and sense of humor. The card I chose works perfectly for any wino 😉

Pick a Bottle of Wine and an Accesory
Grab a bottle of wine that suits the occasion – whether it be rosé for a pool party or a red blend for evening drinks. If the host has a favorite type or brand, be sure to take that into consideration – there is nothing fun about grabbing a Moscato for a dry wine drinker.

whispering-angel-tumblerGrab a wine accessory for an extra touch of fun. For my hostess pack, I put in a wine sippy cup – perfect for the beach or a boat party. There are also great wine accessories – like stoppers and glass charms – on Etsy. Oh so many choices!

Eye-Catching Display
Put on the finishing touches with an eye-catching gift bag or wrapping paper. I usually stock up on them right after the holidays (yes, in December lol), but Target has some great options year-round. This sparkly number was the perfect companion to rosé party pack.


Put them all together and you’ll have a very happy host.

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