A Taste of France in Downtown Miami

Nothing cures a long work day like a glass of wine. After an afternoon of back-to-back meetings, with the last one being off-site, a colleague and I decided to take a mini Parisian break at a quaint French bistro in downtown Miami called Butterfly Ball.


The server gave us a warm welcome (not very French of him), noted that it was happy hour (two-for-one drinks, yasss) and made some suggestions. We decided on the vegetable frittes (made with carrots, radishes and sweet potato) and 2015 Casca Des Rosé.



The wine is made in Provence, France from a red blend. It’s salmon pink in color and has a fruity and floral aroma. It tastes slightly fruity and floral with nice citrus acidity. It’s very fresh and bright, and lingers nicely. I looked up the price online and a bottle was about $10. It paired perfectly with the crispy frittes (which tasted amazing). I give the wine 3/5.


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