Layering on the Sweetness with Layer Cake Wines

When you say “Layer Cake”, most people – like my husband – think of the 2004 British crime thriller. I think about wine. For a while, I would pass the Layer Cake Wines bottle in Publix’s wine aisle and always thought about getting it. Not sure why I didn’t try it sooner, but I’m glad I finally did.

layer-cake-wine-1.jpgCourtesy Layer Cake Wines

Layer Cake works directly with the farmers to grow the fruit they work with. Their grapes are grown to exacting standards in some of the most diversely-layered vineyards around the world. They are handpicked, separated and fermented with care, then aged in French Oak. The character of each Layer Cake wine is influenced by the vineyard soil, which is layered like a cake…every layer tells a story.

I bought their 2014 cabernet sauvignon, which is made in Napa, California.  It’s deep red in color and has an earthy aroma. It tastes of dark fruit, spice and mocha. It’s rich, yet silky, and lingers on the palate. I believe it was about $15. I paired it with 🍰, of course. 4/5.



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