Good Dinner and Goode Wine

There are few things better than a good meal with good friends. Between the stories, laughter, and a delicious spread, it’s always guaranteed to be a good time.


The other night, I had a dinner gathering with some of my closest friends. We toasted to the occasion with Murphy-Goode 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon. The clean and minimal typography on the label really caught my eye. This California wine is deep ruby in color and has decent legs. Its aroma is forwardly sweet and punches the same sweetness on the palate.  This medium-bodied wine is smooth drinking with dark fruit flavors and lingering tannins. It’s around $15, so it’s a great value. It was a little on sweet side for my taste, but definitely solid. 3/5.


We paired the wine with surf and turf – steak and shrimp (not pictured) – along with fried polenta, buttered corn, and Caesar salad (also not pictured because everything was lip-smacking good). Everything was especially delicious (and quickly devoured) since one of my good friends, a chef, made the meal. Even my dog got in on the action and enjoyed some steak 😉 ¡Buen provecho!


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