Frenzy & Irma

This week was a frenzied blur with all of the hurricane preparations, so I thought it was appropriate to drink this 2015 Frenzy Sauvignon Blanc. 😂

With Irma’s slow arrival (and shift to the west, yay!), it’s time for some wine

. My dog, at least, thought so.

It’s straw yellow in color and has a forward fruity aroma, which follows through to the palate. It tastes of melon, peach, and tropical fruits with hints of citrus and grass. It has a dry finish, but is a little on the sweeter side for me. I like more citrus and mineral flavors. I bought it at a tiny gas station by my house that boasts a selection of more than 800 beers and wines. It was $15. I paired it with exhaustion from installing shutters. Overall, not too shabby. 3/5.

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