Carbs & Bubbly

Weekends are meant for carbs and bubbly, so this Caves de Wissembourg Simonet Blanc de Blancs Brut really hit the spot. I grabbed a bottle during one of my long (long) happy hours at The Corner (a bar, you may have noticed, that I frequent) and shared it with a good friend.

It’s a sparkling wine from France that is made with Chardonnay grapes. Since it’s not from the champagne region, it has to be labeled Vin Mousseux (sparkling wine) as well as brut (dry).

It’s so effervescent and straw yellow in color. It’s medium bodied, has a nice dryness to it, and freshness. It has a good amount of acidity and citrus, minerals, and a good finish. Best of all, we split three bottles and I didn’t have a bad hangover the next day (woot).

We paired it with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and chips. Carbs are the best (don’t tell my Bodytek instructor). The overinflated bar price was $26, but I saw it online for $10 😂 Solid value. 3/5.

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