A Taste of South Africa

As you may have noticed from my reviews, I’m partial to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Its crisp and zesty notes always perk me up. Naturally, varietals taste different depending on the region they’re grown in, so I didn’t know what to expect when I tried The Inquisitor Sauvignon Blanc 2017 from South Africa. From the Western Cape, this Sauvignon Blanc comes from a dry and warm climate, but the region produces quite a sizable amount of high-quality Sauvignon Blanc.


The Inquisitor Wine Company is a culmination of a deep friendship between founders Laura Fletcher and Christie McLeod. The Inquisitor is founded on principles of honesty, loyalty, and passion, along with a love of exciting and fantastic wines. The wines’ grapes are handpicked and sourced from sustainable, family-run South African vineyards, each harvested, pressed, blended, nurtured, and bottled.


Upon pouring it in the glass, you can see that the wine is light, practically pale, yellow in color with a fresh and tropical aroma. It had a nice balance of acidity, and was still crisp, with notes of citrus, minerality, grass, and guava. It wasn’t as tart as the New Zealand ones I’m used to, so that was really nice. It was nicely balanced, light, and bright. I really enjoyed it and will now add South African Sauvignon Blanc to my wine list. I drank it on its own as I strolled through my garden, checking to see if any of the passion fruits on my vine were ripe. You can buy it at BevFly for $15.99. 4/5.


If you’re interested in trying another wine from The Inquisitor, check out my review about their delicious Cellar Reserve 2013.


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