Friends through Wine

It’s time to kick off the week and I am so excited about the wine I’m pouring tonight. Through my wino journey, I’ve met so many wonderful people who have taught so much about the vines, wines, and everything in between. One of the people who I’ve had the pleasure to meet along the way is @aloisclemenslageder, whose family owns Alois Lageder.

The story began in 1823, when young craftsman Johann Lageder started trading in Bolzano, Italy. His successors acquired some vineyards and Alois III, the great grandson of the founder, recognized the potential of the diverse climatic conditions of South Tyrol. In 1934, he bought the Ansitz Löwengang winery in Margreid, which is in the southern part of South Tyrol. Soon, other winemakers began to entrust grapes to him.

alois-lageder-1 (2).jpgPhoto courtesy Alois Lageder

Alois III died unexpectedly in 1963, when his son Alois IV was just 12 years old, so his wife Christiane and his eldest daughter Wendelgard led the winery until the the mid-70s, when Alois IV was old enough to work. Together, with his sister and her husband and oenologist Luis von Dellemann, the winery began to reposition itself with a strict quality course and innovative methods in vineyard and cellar. Today, the family winery manages 50 hectares of biodynamically-grown, family-owned vineyards in South Tyrol. The wines in their portfolio reflect the diversity of South Tyrol.


I found a bottle of their Pinot Grigio 2016 at Carmine’s. Pinot Grigio is currently the most commonly cultivated white wine variety in Alto Adige. The terrior is subject to Mediterranean influences around Magrè and Salorno, with predominantly chalky soils with a high sand and gravel content.

The wine is light yellow in color with a tinge of gold along the rim. On the nose, it’s light with notes of peach, white flowers, and herbs. On the palate, it’s lively with green apple, pear, a bit of citrus zest, and has a clean finish. It was well-priced at $19.99 and I wish I had bought a second bottle because Carmine’s is about two hours away from my house (BOO!). I enjoyed this wine before heading out to the PAMM Staff Art Show in Wynwood. I’m not just saying it because @aloisclemenslageder is my friend, but it’s a damn good wine. If you ever come across one of their wines, you should grab it because it’s something special.


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