Island Sips + Bimini Vacation Tips

Every summer for nearly 15 years, my family has brought us “kids” together for a Bimini vacation in the Bahamas. We’ve stayed at a variety of places (like Resort World of Bimini), savored the local flavor, and explored off Bimini’s shores, so I’ve got a sense of what’s up on the island. We usually stick around for a week, but this time the Hilton Bimini had a three-night stay and transportation deal, so we jumped on that. If you ever plan a Bimini vacation, here are some tips and tricks for having a blast.

My family posing on our Bimini VacationMy family (minus my brother). Aren’t we cute?

Wine Situation

Being an island in the Caribbean no where near a winery, you could imagine that Bimini is not a wine capital of the world. But that’s OK!

  • You can easily transport your own wine to the island, be it a pallet with other supplies or in your luggage. On FRS Caribbean, you’re allowed a couple of bottles of wine per bag, like a cruise, so you can split it up amongst your party. If you’re flying to South Bimini’s airport, you can probably check some wine into your bag. Here is the wine I checked in on my last trip.
  • If you run out on the island, Hilton Bimini has a wine cellar and wine-stocked restaurants.
  • There is wine at 700 Wines and Spirits (even though I’d be weary of what you’d buy because the power is constantly switching on and off, meaning that shop is from temperate to steamy real quick).

Savory Situations

I’m going to step away from the Hilton Bimini on this, because you can always go there, and touch upon the options in town. Please venture out of the hotel (on your golf cart, of course) and hit up some local flavor.

  • There are a handful of small take away restaurants where you can authentic food on your Bimini vacation. You can get a fix of fried snapper, oxtail, BBQ something, or cracked conch. Just ride around in your golf cart and use your nose to find the way (honestly, the whole island is only seven miles long and 700 feet wide).
  • Conch salad is one of the best things you can eat on the island BUT be warned – there are two shacks on the island where the competition is real. You’re either a Stuart’s fan or a Joe’s We’ve been fans of Stuart’s for yeaarrrssss (and it doesn’t help that my dad once had a situation with Joe), but this time—when Stuart’s had a long ass wait—we were traitors and decided to bury the hatchet at Joe’s. Honestly, both are delicious—regular (conch with a variety of vegetables) or scorched (more conch with onions). Joe’s has a few more options – like conch fritters (which are tiny) and other fried food—but Stuart’s has my heart. And you can’t help but have the conch a Kalik (beer of the Bahamas) with either.
    Eating conch salad on our bimini vacationBeing a traitor at Joe’s
  • If you’re headed to Radio Beach, there is a row of colorful shacks offering food and drink. From rum-filled drinks in coconuts to fried lobster, this is the area to grab some bites on a beautiful beach. We usually pay patronage to Sherri’s Beach Bar as well as the spot two doors down (forgetting the name). At Sherri’s, I always grab conch fritters and fried fish. So much nom.My dad grabbing a beer on our Bimini vaction
  • And my last foodie feature is a LEGIT insider’s tip. During this last trip, we arranged for Miss Antoinette to cook for us. She opens her beautiful home to guests on a reservation basis and cooks a wonderful private meal full of local seafood. My favorites were her conch fritters, lobster, conch chowder, and fish (I guess I had many favorites). A very special experience with a fabulous lady. You can email me for details because I do not want to put her on blast – it’s a word of mouth type of operation.

Beach Views

Even though the island is only seven miles long, it has some gorgeous beaches with crystal clear blue waters.

  • Resorts World Bimini, which the Hilton Bimini falls under, has its own private beach called Paradise Beach. It’s the easiest to get to from the hotel, but honestly feels like you’re on South Beach. I, personally, try to avoid it.
  • Radio Beach is my favorite spot because you have the right amount of tranquil and amenities. It’s quieter than Paradise Beach, probably more beautiful (since you have some rocks you can snorkel around), and has a row of food and drink options that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you walk either way up the beach, you can discover some more local snorkel spots or a rusted shipwrecked boat.
  • If you’re staying in Resort World of Bimini, there is a pool that they home owners call “the old pool.” It’s the original infinity pool that was made for people who own homes in Resorts World Bimini (Bimini Bay, back then). If you can make it back there, it’ll be worthwhile for sunset. There is a staircase that leads down to a sliver of sand (pending on the tide) and a ton of rock formations. We like heading out there with a plate of charcuterie (straight from Miami in our Yeti) and a bottle of wine to check out the sunset hues on the horizon.

Bimini will always have a special place in my heart. If you’re ever planning a Bimini vacation, feel free to reach out about any additional #BiminiBliss tips. Cheers!

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