Risotto and Bianco

I don’t cook often (that’s my hubby’s job) but when I do, I make it count. One of my latest specialties is seafood and mushroom risotto (I’d give you a recipe, but I kinda wing it), so I decided to whip that up while sipping on a glass of Cusumano Alta Mora 2018 Etna Bianco. During my Italian wine kick a little while back, I enjoyed their 2014 Alta Etna Rosso, so I was excited for this one.

Alta Mora is a winery from the Cusumano family where grapes are grown and harvested on the slopes of the active volcano, Mt. Etna, in Sicily. The name Alta Mora translates to “Tall, Black,” representing the great heights of the vineyards on the mountain and the dark, black volcanic soil. The volcano itself is nearly 11,000 feet high and vineyards are planted up to 4,000 feet.


This wine is comprised of the indigenous Sicilian grape, Carricante. It is bright yellow in color with a fragrant aroma of honey suckle and lemon. It’s medium-bodied, fresh and crisp, with notes of green apple, lemon, minerality, and some salinity. It is reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc, so that works for me! And it paired really nicely with the scallop and shrimp risotto. You can find it online for $29.99.

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