Winter Whites

With the temperatures dropping into the 60s—which is actually freezing for Miami—I’ve been spending some time outside in the backyard, enjoying less humid afternoons sans mosquitoes. Now, just because it gets “chilly,” I don’t discriminate with my wine selections. If I want a red, I’ll drink red. If I want a white, I’ll drink that too. The latest wine in my glass was Alois Lageder’s Haberle Pinot Bianco 2018.


The Lageder family is six generations strong and producing excellent biodynamic wines in Alto Adige. The story began in 1823, when young craftsman Johann Lageder started trading in Bolzano, Italy. His successors acquired some vineyards and Alois III, the great grandson of the founder, recognized the potential of the diverse climatic conditions of South Tyrol. In 1934, he bought the Ansitz Löwengang winery in Margreid, which is in the southern part of South Tyrol. Soon, other winemakers began to entrust grapes to him.

Alois III died unexpectedly in 1963, when his son Alois IV was just 12 years old, so his wife Christiane and his eldest daughter Wendelgard led the winery until the the mid-70s, when Alois IV was old enough to work. Together, with his sister and her husband and oenologist Luis von Dellemann, the winery began to reposition itself with a strict quality course and innovative methods in vineyard and cellar. Today, the family winery manages 50 hectares of biodynamically-grown, family-owned vineyards in South Tyrol. The wines in their portfolio reflect the diversity of the terroir.


I was excited to try the Pinot Bianco because I’ve enjoyed their Pinot Grigio and Tenutae Lageder Lagrein Riserva Conus. A mutation of Pinot Noir, Pinot Bianco initially had a bad reputation for being a bulk-produced wine, but that changed in the early 1990s as Alto Adige, and most of Italy, began to shift to quality production.

The grapes come partly from the Haberlehof in Pochi on the eastern side of the Val d’Adige and partly from sites across the valley in Penone above Magrè. The vineyards are located at about 500 meters (1650 feet) above sea-level and offer optimum conditions for the grape variety.

The wine was pale yellow with some green. I got notes of pear, lemon zest, yellow apple, and stone. It was medium-bodied and dry with medium-high acidity. It was perfect for lounging outside with Bodhi and my hubby. I got this wine as part of my Vinya Box. If you want to check it out, I think my promo code my still work 😉 Use promo ALEXA20 to get 20% off your first box in a 3-month subscription.


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